Sweet Perfume of Coffin Air

by Leather Chalice

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Drums recorded at FULLMOONMASSGRAVE.
Axes, vocals & production recorded at The Rat's Nest.
Cassette available here :: www.storenvy.com/products/7188410-leather-chalice-sweet-perfume-of-coffin-air-cs-opq037


released June 6, 2014

Guitars/vocals/synths/production/artwork by Jan Slezak aka "Leather Slave of Chemical Fog"
Drums by Ben



all rights reserved


Leather Chalice New Hampshire

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Track Name: Ethereal Pulse Awakens
Track Name: Skin Coffin (Part II)
anchors in my skull
won't let me drift away

skin is fucking crawling
freezing choked in sweat
minutes dragging onward
time corrodes the self

paranoia fuels the hunger
mummified in filth

i deserve myself
to worship grief above all else
to never feel release
why is life so fair?
Track Name: Tombs
addict to distort
life to war to dirt
nuclear pest
daily toxic sickness

trust no punk
only death is liberation

no life//no rules
transcend your scene
no life//no rules
kill yourself

tomb warfare
Track Name: Necrohenosis
happiness begins with the end of all
reborn of collective misery

sinking into shadows
staring into the sun
the pulse fades into silence
all converge to one

ashes have all settled
flames die satisfied
final moments bring me meaning
all converge to one

the ropes have all been tightened
feet dance their final time
death absolves us all
all converge to one

when sorrow stalks every path
passion is a welcome martyr

i would do anything
to feel the release
...of emptiness
Track Name: Monastery Ruins
black, the seed was sown
to satisfy perverted lust
self destruction amplified
reducing life to dust

worshiped by rats
i live alone
i still hate myself
and rot on my throne

entombed in catacombs of grief
revulsing in bitter truths
wreck everything i have
because there's nothing else to do
Track Name: The Worshipper's Garden
Track Name: Conquest of Terminal Despair
as eyes grey and sink
hold your chest to warm your freezing heart
of winter losses
her breath cripples your lungs

look towards the skyline
to measure your regrets
denounce the scripture
and accept your own failure

i grasp for nothing
no one cares
the prize for your long hard life
is your funeral
Track Name: Wisdom & Loss
sanctity dissolved over years of regret
spewing the wretched bile
clouds descend in acid skies
the moon wanes its final time

touching scars of euphoria
clouded minds retain their pride
to lust for the beauty beyond life
abandon control and breathe the night

nourished by the rot
of joy that wrought despair
as new life wilts to nothing
it finally makes sense
Track Name: Beyond the Rat's Nest
rotting stench an wilt decay
want to kill myself today
sweet perfume of coffin air
nihil fucking life nightmare

another face makes me puke
begging to just drop the nuke
leather slave of chemical fog
spit and kick me like a dog

tie it off
kick the chair
burning fast
to nowhere
Track Name: Despondent Reign
to fell the dawn
spirits bleeding light
invoke the pious hammers
the drain of spirituality

once life gained pride
the wolves tore its limbs
as tongues echoed silent
mourning plagues of gloom

from genesis to extinction
sorrow bears its crown
the executioner smiles
all who know, lament

processions of tears
hope is bondage