by Leather Chalice



Released on cassette by Broken Limbs Recordings, available here ::

axes and synths recorded at the rat's nest
drums recorded at full moon mass grave
vocals recorded in my car behind some factory beneath the pale glow of the moon

All recordings done under conditions of nocturnal misery and spiritual poverty.


released June 17, 2014

Jann :: vocals, guitars, samples, synth, artwork, production
Benn :: drums
Timm :: op-1 electronics
Devv :: dungeon ambient



all rights reserved


Leather Chalice New Hampshire

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Track Name: Luna
Dreams of isolation only luna can give
Gifts of peace? Gifts of death?
I find the answer every night
Only she is worth my blood
White fingers caress my face and silence my screams
Casting shadows upon filth and reflecting only beauty

Pale as the corpse
Hanging like the noose
As cold as death
She is there...

Basking in your glow
Tears as sure as December's wolves
I can no longer feel my legs
But her promise keeps me warm

In the face of crashing tides
I finally let go
The only thing I've ever feared is all I've ever known