Opiate Supremacy

by Leather Chalice

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Released in January on Opaqus Records. Limited to 80 copies and sold out.


released December 7, 2012



all rights reserved


Leather Chalice New Hampshire

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Track Name: Venomous Suppression
as the last smile fades. betraying reason. another empty face. drooling venom from its lips. I've laughed at life before but only to stop the tears. cradled into suppression. jailed by my own fears. I don't want to die. I don't belong on this earth. I don't want to go to heaven. I don't have any choice. relapse into nothing.
Track Name: Omen of Addiction
like a kiss from a forked tongue. mocking anything left inside. black veins used. deconstruct. collapsed. crumbled. carry on. smoked away every dollar. worthless in every sense. everyone reverts to shit. hollow smiles. hollow lives. I can't feel the warmth. is something missing? was it never there? what is the point of memory? to remind you that no one cares. cursed. free. addicted again.
Track Name: Imperial Conception
a black candle drops blood. the shape of the goat emerged. "6-6-6" they cried as the blade cut my throat. priests lay martyred. crossed corrode. holding the heroin. limbs twisted and reborn, no savior to call upon. just the end of my fucking life. then reality hit... and I was alone.
Track Name: Hollow Perdition
burnt my last bridge. I'm finally alone. anxiety would reign over if I ever cared. staring into the mirror. no one is looking back. pupils becoming pinholes to a rotting, hopeless core. when everything's the same then everything is fake. the glazed eyes of the masses. the reflection is my own. live for yourself because there is no one else.
Track Name: Coldblood and Plagueskins
festering in solitude. no beast awaits my end. cold skin crawls. I'm sick again. spread of plague. skinned alive. from blood in my eyes to the blood from my hand. from blood on the grave to the blood on the cross. agony in life. bitter defeat. swamps of regrets. crushed by grief. like pills on a knife. no loss I won't sacrifice as hope for joy exists.